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I am originally from Atlanta, Ga, but a few years ago my wife and I moved to Denver, CO with our Husky-German Shepherd mix, Henri (pronounced Henry). I teach theology at a Catholic high school and before that, I taught English at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School in Atlanta, theology at Judge Memorial High School in Salt Lake City, and theology at St. Benedict at Auburndale Catholic High School in Memphis, TN. I have also worked as a college campus minister, a parish youth minister, and I have been heavily involved in parish RCIA programs. My all-time favorite job was a full-time volunteer teacher on an Indian Reservation in South Dakota. It was the perfect combination of my two of my great passions: service and education! I studied English and Literature in college and later earned a Master of Arts in Teaching English. Because of my background in parish/youth ministry and service, I kind of fell into teaching theology in Memphis. Pretty soon I wanted to dive deeper into theology so I started taking classes at Notre Dame and later earned an MA in theology. I Love what I do and I am always looking to learn more and grow more. Maybe blogging will help me to be a better teacher.

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Introduction to Catholicism

Day Five: Revelation, Tradition, and Scripture, Part Two

At the core of all education is really just repetition until new knowledge sticks in the brain. Repetition, ...
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Day Five: Revelation, Tradition, and Scripture, Part One

“What is the greatest lesson someone has ever given you?” This is my students’ Bellwork for the day. ...
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Day Four: Proofs of God’s Existence, Part Two

Every class I have ever taken in my life has begun with an assumption. Math classes assume certain ...
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Image and Likeness of God: Adam and Eve

I was teaching about Adam and Eve (Creation) in my class once. Always, the first thing I have to do is to retrain my students how to read Sacred Scripture in a scholarly manner. I am convinced that atheists in our society are more fundamentalist in their reading of Scripture than Catholic scholars. Atheist critics…

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Image and Likeness of God: Love and Community

“God Loves me,” teaches Monsignor Buchignani, and that needs to be the first thing we consider when we contemplate Faith and how we are to become who we are made to be…our Authentic Self. But before God Loves us, God Loves Himself. That is, within the Trinity, the Father Loves the Son, the Son Loves…

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Sacramentality: Christianity is a Relationship with God

Christianity is not a religion about God; it is a relationship with God. This is basically how I start all my classes. My students come to know this little catch phrase of mine. If they don’t, they are likely to lose a few points on every test they take; it’s a customary question! But this…

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Faith Without Questions is Blind

Question One, Article One: Do we need anything more than science and philosophy to know Truth?

By Patrick Smith | March 20, 2018

In Thomas’ Treatise on Sacred Doctrine, he explores the meaning and necessity of belief or Faith. His first question looks at “The Nature and Extend of Sacred Doctrine”, and the first article asks “Whether, besides philosophy, any further doctrine is required?” A few quick notes before we begin: -Thomas’ goal is to know Truth.…

Faith Without Questions is Blind

By Patrick Smith | March 20, 2018

Faith without Questions is Blind, and in blindness, Faith stumbles and trips over itself. In blindness, Faith fails to see Grace in the world around it, and as such, the world becomes cold and distant from God…the world becomes gnostic. This blog poses questions for the consideration of my students who wish to have Faith…

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